“The Jobs-to-be-Done theory posits that when we buy a product, we essentially “hire” it to help us do a job. If it does the job well, the next time we’re confronted with the same job, we tend to hire that product again. …

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All definition is comparison.

Basically, to understand what something is, you need a frame of reference with which you’re already familiar to compare it with.

Thus, if I asked you to define ‘dance’ — the concept.

Do you know how we’re told to have an unshakable belief in God?

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Well, a lot of the time I do. Oh I genuinely do. The spirit shaking, deep conviction, teary-eyed type of belief, the works, basically.

And then sometimes I just don’t — at least not in the way…

Life. What is it to you?

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Are we living just so we die? Is that our purpose? Is that all there is to it?

Death is the one inevitable occurrence in life. More so than rain and taxes — forgive me, Aunty Celine.

I was headed back to Lagos from Ibadan a couple of weeks ago…

FD — I stumbled on this (quite instructional) story on Quora and I thought it best to share here. — Photo by Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn on Unsplash

Two guys started working, on the same day, at a large company. Let’s call them Pete and John.

After about 5 years Pete made an appointment with his boss. …

I love reading. Love, love!

I could read other people’s words for days without end.

Writing? Not so much. Just the thought of distilling my ideas into words and then typing them hurts my head physically.

I have decided to write more however, in spite of this ‘crutch’.

Pray for me! I’ll stumble, I’ll chicken out, I’ll conveniently forget to. But, I will not stop. And this post is my pledge not to.

Here’s to infinity and yonder!

Lead so that others may follow and in time, lead others by themselves.

Al-Bashir, Mswati, Bongo, Biya, Mbasogo, dare I say, Buhari.

Africa has spawned a whole generation of failures who call themselves ‘leaders’.

We have engendered and continue the practice of “chop alone; die alone”; an all consuming need to satisfy the needs of self above all other things. Much of our…

I still struggle.

I find it quite difficult talking about my successes. Even more so than talking about my failures.

I’ve had huge success heading a team at a fast growing startup aiming for unicorn status and if you asked me, all I can seem to talk about is how…

So, it’s safe to say we live in ‘strange times’, yes?

No, I’m not talking about Brexit or ‘The One Who Would Trump All Expectations”. No. this isn’t one of those posts. This is personal.

I mean, I sometimes look at my dad and I get a wry smile. On…

The things in our lives that pride gets in the way of.
Foolish pride that we loathe to get rid of.

The mistakes we refuse to admit.
The forgiveness we painfully omit.

We forgive, but do we really? We relive the pain endlessly.
Punishing our hearts excessively.

We trust not…

Tomiwa Ogunmodede

Product Designer. Brand Strategist. Problem Solver.

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