This World my Dad bequeathed me.

Tomiwa Ogunmodede
2 min readNov 12, 2016


So, it’s safe to say we live in ‘strange times’, yes?

No, I’m not talking about Brexit or ‘The One Who Would Trump All Expectations”. No. this isn’t one of those posts. This is personal.

I mean, I sometimes look at my dad and I get a wry smile. On the one hand, he never seems to look like he understands why anyone would pay me money to sit down at a computer all day and ‘create’. To him, the term “Graphic Designer” might as well be spelt “ljkjytui iuuyhb”. That’s as much sense it makes to him.

However, on the other hand, he gets it. He gets that the world has long left him in it’s churning wake. This constantly rotating, revolving and evolving world that he almost does not understand anymore — and above all things, I feel that he fears that his children will make the same mistake he did — take it all for granted.

Do I fear the same thing? That I will somehow lose myself in the rat race. constantly seeking to climb, get better, look finer… And thus never actually experience life?

Do I look at the world, spinning around me and think, “what if I never make it out there? What if I’m forever stuck here, a local champion? A nonentity. How do I even quantify what that is? What does success even mean?”

I think these things and I wonder — Why the hell is life so difficult? So uncertain? — And then I get it. It’s the constant change. The constant rotating, revolving and evolving of this world. This is exactly how it left my dad behind. And I sure as hell ain’t letting it leave me in it’s wake.

So, I evolve. Along with it.

I become what it wants me to be. What it requires of me. Then I better that.

I will own life. I will own this world my dad has bequeathed me. Then I will pass it on to those who would come after me. Better, smarter, wiser.