I still struggle.

I still struggle.

I find it quite difficult talking about my successes. Even more so than talking about my failures.

I’ve had huge success heading a team at a fast growing startup aiming for unicorn status and if you asked me, all I can seem to talk about is how I graduated with a 3rd class from OAU.

I’ve gotten offers to head teams at businesses where I never thought I could even get in at entry level just a couple of years ago both in and out of Nigeria.

I almost always feel like I don’t deserve to be where my hard work has gotten me.

Make no mistake however, this isn’t some twisted cry for help. I, more than anyone know how to own my failures. I don’t dwell on my successes. I only remind myself of the little niggles, the little mistakes, all the things I could have done better; I use these experiences to propel myself forwards.

In the words of world renowned thespian, Will Smith, I always aim to “fail forward”.

I celebrate the successes but I remember the failures. I use them as a rudder, to guide my path moving forward — so I don’t make the same mistakes more than once.

I never pass responsibly for failure. I own it. And I learn from it.

What do you do?


Product Designer. Brand Strategist. Problem Solver.

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