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  • Christina Wodtke

    Christina Wodtke

    Designing business, and the business of design. www.eleganthack.com

  • Rameez Kakodker

    Rameez Kakodker

    Simplifying Complexities for a Living | rkakodker.com

  • Aby Reviews

    Aby Reviews

    “Pain is temporary, Film is forever”

  • Tasha Choi

    Tasha Choi

    Building the best virtual career fair platform @Highre

  • Mayowa George

    Mayowa George

    Marketing and Growth expert with 9 years experience. Frontend developer and UX Engineer. In love with basketball, video games and fintech.

  • Zoe Chew

    Zoe Chew

    Built 11+ MVPs with rapid validation. Write: VentureScale.to Analyzing Internet economy & Consumer Tech. Product/Market advisor US/APAC 👉About me: whizzoe.com

  • Timi Ajiboye

    Timi Ajiboye

    I make stuff, mostly things that work on computers. CEO at BuyCoins (https://buycoins.africa).

  • Matt Elbert

    Matt Elbert

    Musings of a Product Designer • Product Design Leadership @ Movista

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